Marine UXO Inspection

Offshore UXO Project Management, Project Rescue and Client Representation

We provide highly experienced and advanced qualified Explosive Ordnance (EO) consultants for monitoring, evaluation and inspection of complex offshore and onshore Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) operations.

As a member and technical lead of the GICHD Expert Focus group (EFG), our team has consistently contributed directly to the underwater EO International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) framework and also as a founding member of the CIRIA Project Steering Group (PSG) for the C-754, having initiated industry guidance on the assessment and management of UXO risk in the marine environment.

Benefits of our marine UXO services include:
•Ensure that technical procedures are compliant with the latest international legislation, regulation, national licensing and guidance
•Preliminary, detailed risk assessment and risk mitigation document review
•Independent high quality risk and safety management review
•Excellence in report writing promoting clarity, brevity and accuracy
•Proactive focus on quality, time and Client costs
•Oversight of the UXO risk management framework design, delivery and risk mitigation measures
•Innate awareness of the roles, responsibilities and duties of different organisations
•Unique insight of military and coastguard operational response requirements

Audit and Surveillance

When your Risk and Safety Management System complies with International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) a certificate of approval is issued, which is valid for three years, subject to satisfactory on-going maintenance of your or your contractor’s Risk and Safety Management System. Verification is through an audit surveillance programme that is carried out through annual surveillance visits arranged to fit in with your business activities.