Risk Consulting

Battrick Consultancy helps management teams and boards of private companies, as well as non-profit organisations, to develop awareness and understanding of the requirements for physical security. We conduct security assessments on behalf of our Clients to improve their resilience and promote business continuity. Our security assessments follow industry approved codes of practice and international standards, reflecting best practice to support successful business and shareholder integrity.

We can identify operational risk and safety management requirements to protect business activities, intellectual property and physical holdings by implementing protocols that protect the Client’s people, assets and reputation.

Essentially, we can help assess, evaluate and mitigate the operational risk in difficult and dangerous places. We have first-hand experience of leading and coordinating operational response, delivering crisis management support and we can operate in complex and challenging environments world-wide.

Risk Reporting

Our systems approach helps us respond to the challenges of our Clients. We can deliver in depth analysis of specific regions, providing risk reporting, incident review and environmental assessments for Clients that have unique security concerns. Our Consultants have operational experience ranging from the military, law enforcement agencies, the business community, security sector and the intelligence networks, routinely developing crisis and resilience plans to reduce the impact of an event to levels as low as reasonably practicable.

Travel Risk Advisory

Battrick Consultancy can provide comprehensive threat assessments for various international destinations. We also provide a suite of support services which includes risk mitigation and hostile environment training.

Independent Advice

If you are looking for physical security services, there are many private security companies and deciding on the most suitable one for your needs can become a challenge. At Battrick Consultancy, we can provide independent advice to help select the best service options tailored specifically to the Client’s needs. This can be done by assessing a partner’s suitability, reliability and integrity by identifying the best collaborative approach that matches the Client’s budget. We understand the requirements of qualification and competence versus the relevancy of experience that needs to be applied and understood when looking for the best security solution.