Security and defence

Technical experience spans a broad range of land, air and sea joint defence disciplines: our experts are highly regarded in the security risk management and defence industry sectors, which enables the team to provide high-level strategic advice coupled with good quality technical solutions which enhances the Client’s ability to respond to emerging risks and subsequently promotes corporate awareness and responsibility.

Security Co-operation

We have first-hand experience in security planning, anti-trafficking issues, stakeholder and supply chain management, international collaboration and humanitarian security risk management processes, including organisational implementation of International Human Rights (IHR).

Battrick Consultancy has the knowledge and experience to review or develop safety and environmental cases by using a range of analytical tools to support the arguments and develop supporting evidence in an understandable and neatly structured format in line with the current engineering and regulatory best practice.

Development tools include the following:

Compilation of the systems essential technical information
Hazard analyses, near-miss and incident reporting
Lessons identified
Hazard identification
Preparation and analysis of design assessment reports
Feasibility and cost-benefit analysis reports
Hazard and operability studies
Review of current best-practice, defence standards and other industry guidance underpinning safety documentation

Defence Offset

We are stakeholder members of the European Club for Countertrade and Offset (ECCO) and our team can support defence related ‘Offset’ delivery, which refers to specific contractual obligations applied to major international public procurement defence industry markets or other kinds of infrastructure, particularly for training project implementation.