Custom Lithium Battery Solutions

Whilst batteries come in all shapes and sizes and a range of chemistries, your may often need a bespoke power solution tailored to meet a specific operating environment. This is where Steatite exceeds its customer expectations. We have in-depth skills in delivering battery solutions customised to your precise needs.

Concept through UN qualification to manufactured solution
Full mechanical & electronic design service for lithium battery packs
UN Approved Battery Solutions
Worldwide shipping of Lithium battery packs
Working with the worlds leading cell manufacturers
ISO 9001:2008 quality system

Steatite has over 30 years experience with lithium batteries and our design engineering team is fully conversant with the design and build of safe battery packs. We offer a free advice service regarding shipping of lithium batteries plus the added comfort of knowing you are dealing with a supplier that designs fully legislative compliant products to the highest standards.

When you need a custom lithium solution tailored to your specific application requirements, you’ll be pleased to know that Steatite has vast experience in producing specific battery solutions for the Oil & Gas, Defence, Security and Oceanographic Sectors.