Emergency Response

Cefas offers robust scientific advice in the event of a marine oil or chemical spill, alongside the highest quality marine science and services to improve your organisation’s understanding of spill risks and impacts. From prompt on-call advice to long-term planning, including spill modelling and preparedness assessments, we build on a long history to provide you with high-quality scientific services.

Our expert team works closely with a range of UK government departments, commercial customers and scientific experts in offering 24/7 emergency advice on the management of spills, their environmental impacts and the benefits of different spill treatment options.

Cefas’ multidisciplinary approach means that we can offer you truly integrated advice. Our spill modelling capability, including a suite of industry standard models for oil, chemical and deepwater releases, oil fingerprinting and ecotoxicological analysis, supplies the necessary scientific rigour to your decision making and planning in the event of a spill.

We are leaders in spill management options, with a key focus on dispersants. The internationally recognised UK oil spill treatment product approval scheme has been built with Cefas’ product toxicity test procedures at its heart. Through the Premiam initiative, we are also leading the development of guidance, practices and procedures to improve post-spill monitoring and environmental impact assessment.

Beyond this, Cefas has a strong research profile and can conduct bespoke surveys or research to underpin your preparedness and assessment needs. For further information please download our Capability Statement

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