Programme Management and Training

At Cefas, we have built a strong reputation for programme management over many years, both at home and internationally. The breadth of our expertise, the quality of our science and advice, plus our wide-ranging contacts, in both public and private sectors, means that we are well-placed to offer a completely comprehensive service.

Our programme management teams are drawn from the full range of Cefas capability and expertise. We are able to provide the secretariats and associated co-ordinating functions for high-profile partnerships such as the:

Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme, (CME Programme)

Marine Climate Change Impact Partnership (MCCIP)


the British Energy Estuarine Marine Studies (BEEMS), and more recently e-Misk in Kuwait.

In addition, our leading specialist scientific and technical staff can create and offer bespoke training courses to support knowledge transfer between organisations, both in the UK or abroad. This can complement our programme management service or be offered as a stand-alone service.

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