R/V Cefas Endeavour

Equipment Type: Ship

At Cefas we make it a priority to ensure that our facilities remain up-to-date, offering the very latest scientific and technological capability. R/V Cefas Endeavour , our 74 metre multi-disciplinary research vessel which entered service in 2003, is an excellent example of this approach.

The vessel is fitted with the latest specialist survey equipment, and is equipped to support a broad range of activities including hydrographic surveys, environmental sampling, fish stock assessment, and the servicing of autonomous monitoring equipment. To facilitate certain capabilities, its underwater radiated noise profile is compliant with standards established by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES).

To ensure that the vessel and its broad array of scientific equipment continues to be at the forefront of technological advances, they are regularly assessed, maintained and upgraded. This means that the vessel maintains its position as a leading survey platform in the UK’s research fleet.

Since its introduction, Cefas’ customers in both the public and private sectors have utilised R/V Cefas Endeavour to perform a range of survey operations, and is available for international third party charter.

Cefas Endeavour

Operated by P & O Maritime Services

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