Certification: Marine & Offshore Classification

As a classification society, Lloyd's Register is an essential link in the overall safety chain of the marine and offshore industries. We’re regulatory experts, but our work extends far beyond legislation. We help you embed safety, sustainability and human factors at every stage in your supply chain and asset lifecycles. We don’t believe in making compromises. When done properly, compliance can be a driver for lasting cultural change, reducing risks and costs long-term.

Classification with Lloyd’s Register means adding value to your operations. The hallmark of our approach to this, and all our other services, is a commitment to being a responsive long-term service provider. Our objective is to help you safely manage your ships and offshore assets to their full potential, maintain operational effectiveness and minimise risk to life, property and the environment. We will work closely with you to achieve these mutually beneficial goals.

What we offer

To achieve your goals, you need to manage risk with confidence. Our classification service sets out to provide that increased confidence by helping identify risks associated with your operations through the direct application of our classification Rules. Where risks are identified, local surveyors are on the spot to apply their knowledge, experience and skills to provide a range of practical solutions. They will advise your local staff on possible alternatives and explain their full implications, and will work closely with them to come to an informed decision.

Our classification surveys not only provide timely identification of potential problems, but also give you confidence in the condition of your ship or offshore asset. Classing with LR is a positive step towards helping you get the most from your ship or asset during its service life.