Contract Servces

The MBA provides a range of professional science-based contract research and knowledge exchange services. The MBA has provided scientific advice since its inception in 1884. It continues to provide evidence and advice on the long-term ecological impacts of anthropogenic activities in the marine environment. The MBA can draw on the expertise of its research fellows and specialists in knowledge exchange and outreach to deliver its services.

Marine Evidence (for Conservation Management and Policy)

The Marine Evidence group includes specialists that provide advice to UK/EU government agencies, industry, NGOs, and other stakeholders on marine biodiversity and conservation science, management and policy development.

The MBA provides advice, contract research and services in the following areas.

Ecosystem impacts of marine activities on species and habitats
Sensitivity assessment
Biodiversity assessment
Marine Protected Areas science (design, implementation and monitoring)
Ecosystem services and benefits
Geospatial analysis and mapping of biodiversity data
Marine intertidal and subtidal survey and survey design
Seagrass mapping and management
Non-native species – inc. Rapid Assessment Surveys
Long-term data series (collation, analyses, monitoring)

The Data Management Team

The activities of the MBA Data Team provide a holistic approach to data archiving and management. Through close liaison with the scientific community and other providers of marine biological data, the data team is able to offer data management solutions for the effective archiving, manipulation and dissemination of biological data relating to species and habitats, both to MBA research staff and external clients and partner organizations.

Metadata creation, management and quality assurance
Guidance on standards and protocols for data and metadata exchange
Data archiving service
Web applications for the management and dissemination of biodiversity data
Data collation and aggregation services
Advice on INSPIRE Directive compliance

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