MRV Alba na Mara

Equipment Type: Small vessel

Fisheries data and other information gathered on research cruises are essential to the success of Marine Scotland Science's (MSS) scientific programme.

To ensure the availability of this information, MSS operates two research vessels - MRVs Scotia and Alba na Mara - which are fitted with a wide range of deployment and recovery facilities for fishing gear and equipment, scientific and environmental sensors, and data-gathering systems.

MSS also has an additional vessel, the MV Temora, which is used for sampling as part of the Long Term Climate Change Monitoring Programme.

Much of MSS's experimental work is conducted at sea using very specialised or custom-built monitoring, measuring and observation equipment. For the design, development and maintenance of such equipment, MSS is dependent on the electronic and mechanical skills and expertise of Engineering Services.

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Fisheries Research (single, twin, pelagic/demersal trawling and scallop dredging) hydrographic sampling, surveying and camera work
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