Engaging with business

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) is the UK’s largest institution for integrated ocean research and technology development from the coast to the deep ocean. We work hard to develop our relationships with business in order to ensure the use of our research and technology, and to support economic growth.

We want to understand the challenges faced by your business and industry sector, so we can match our science to your needs, work closely on an individual and collaborative basis to develop science and technologies which enhance your competitive advantage, maximise your investment and reduce operational costs.

Funded Collaborative Research

Working with NOC your company will have direct access to world-class science, technology and innovation. For collaborative research, the NOC seeks to engage with both individual companies as well as groups of companies. Many sources of funding exist to support the costs of R&D to help bring new developments to market, which then stimulate economic growth. These sources of funding can be Regional, National or from the EU, in particular Blue Growth calls.

Accessing NOC developed technology for development into commercial products

NOC has a long history of developing new technology that enables our research in the ocean’s most challenging environments.

Although the NOC develops this technology for its own research purposes, it does not seek to develop commercial products. Thus, where companies can conceive a commercial angle around NPD, the NOC can licence this technology on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

Access to NOC expertise and knowledge to improve your business operation

NOC delivers exceptional scientific and technological capabilities that can be used by business across industry sectors. Such expertise can be accessed by your business for one-off or longer-term projects to meet your individual business needs.

NOC has a number of flexible mechanisms through which we can:

• Provide Scientific Consultancy
• Translate research into tools and solutions
• Collaborate on R&D projects to address your business requirements
• Provide access to scientific knowledge, data and major facilities
• Development of innovative technological solutions
• Apply our problem solving skills to business challenges

Access to specialist equipment and test facilities

In addition to scientific knowledge and technology developments, working with the NOC provides your business with the opportunity to access a variety of facilities and specialist equipment.

1. Marine Robotics Innovation Centre, providing SME’s developing Marine Autonomous Systems with:

• New office
• Laboratory and Workshop space
• Other innovative companies for collaborative partnerships
• Interactions with the Associate Member companies

2. Systems Reliability Lab, which includes, (but not limited to the following):

• Glider saltwater ballasting tank
• Acoustic freshwater test tank
• Battery testing rig
• Hydrostatic Pressure chambers
• Variety of environmental test chambers

3. Other facilities:

• MARS Hanger
• 3D Prototyping
• Comprehensive workshop facilities
• Calibration Lab
• Quayside Dock and 7m deep basin

Providing Added Value Information Products

Our Marine Data Products team have produced a range of products used by many companies operating in coastal and offshore environments providing:

• Tide analysis & prediction data
• Numerical models for offshore tide and surge prediction
• The NOC mobile app ‘anyTide’ provides tide models in 1.8km grids for NW European coasts

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