ROV Isis

Equipment Type: Remotely operated vehicles

The science Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Isis is a work-class vehicle capable of descending to a depth of 6,500m. Only a few vehicles in the world are designed to reach this depth which allows scientists to explore 97% of the world’s oceans, all but the deepest of trenches.

Weighing 4,000 Kgs laden in air with dimensions 2m x 2m x 2.5m the vehicle is equipped with cameras, lights, thrusters, manipulators and numerous scientific sensors. The vehicle is connected to the ship with an 18mm umbilical cable - steel armoured with 3 electrical and 3 fibre optic passes. A hydraulic power pack allows for hydraulic functions e.g. manipulators, cable cutter, tool drawer.

The lower half of the vehicle is designed as a detachable toolsled so it is feasible to have a number of units preconfigured for specific tasks.

Suitable sized and dynamically positioned (DP) ships of opportunity enable the system to be freighted and operated around the world.

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Colin Day
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Operational depth up to 6,500 m
Available for use/hire by external contacts