Small vessel - the Macoma

Equipment Type: Small vessel

The School has several workboats to suit a variety of tasks and sea conditions. This fleet of smaller vessels enables biological, chemical, oceanographic and geological sampling in shallower inshore waters that cannot always be accessed by the Research Vessel Prince Madog.

The Macoma is a Cheetah catamaran survey boat.

Contact Name: 
Mike Kaiser
The Macoma is a Cheetah catamaran survey boat, certified to MCA category 3. Reson 7101 (240 kHz) SeaBat Multi-beam system. winch, davit and gantry for deploying equipment over the side or stern. small moonpool suitable for installing acoustic transducers for ADCP and multibeam sonar systems The Macoma has a large cabin for installing other oceanographic equipment. The vessel has twin 130 H.P. outboard motors -> top speed of 25 knots -> rapid transit to survey sites.
Available for use/hire by external contacts