RV Guiding Light

Equipment Type: Small vessel

Our coastal research vessel enables us to understand marine issues better, from sea level rise through to coastal erosion and management.

The 11m research vessel is equipped to investigate many aspects of the marine environment from the sea floor to the clouds. It carries the latest sonar sea floor imaging suite and an array of probes and other instruments. These allow the investigation of temperature, salinity and other vital elements which help to gain an understanding of the seas.

We engage with a wide range of institutions and organisations in order to bring the importance of the oceans and local marine environment to a wider audience and to work with professional bodies that offer research and career collaborations.

Technical features

MCA Coding: Category 2 (60 miles from Safe Haven)
Dimensions: 11.0m length, 5.0m beam
Draught: 1.3m
Engines: Twin diesel 330hp Iveco
Speed: Up to 20 knots dependant on load
Fuel Capacity: 2 x 800 litres
Accommodation: Large wheel house, toilet, galley
Lifting Gear: Hydraulic A-frame with electrohydraulic spencer carter winch system, complete with 8mm wire rope. (Safe working load is 350 kgs.)

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11m length, 5 m beam
Available for use/hire by external contacts