Stirling Aquaculture is Britain's foremost provider of aquaculture consultancy and project management services, and is committed to playing a leading role in the development of sustainable aquaculture systems throughout the world. Stirling Aquaculture aims to provide impartial, objective, well-informed advice whilst paying careful attention to client needs.

Our services include:

Sector studies
Market studies
Feasibility studies
Site surveys
Systems design
Project management
Due diligence
Training courses
Computing & Information support systems

Stirling Aquaculture carries out market opportunity studies for companies interested in supplying the aquaculture sector, making use of its extensive database of industry statistics, knowledge of world-wide developments, and international contacts. The consultancy provides the commercial awareness, technical authority and impartiality required by financial institutions and insurance companies in undertaking tasks such as assessment of business plans and company valuations, evaluating insurance claims and acting as expert witnesses. It also provides studies of industry structure, performance and trends for policy agencies, or inputs to strategy reviews for aquaculture sector companies.

Stirling Aquaculture regularly assists with the evaluation of opportunities for aquaculture farm development or expansion, involving feasibility studies, market studies and site surveys. These sometimes lead on to assistance with more detailed designs including pond, tank, cage and other systems for algae, fish and shellfish and hatchery facilities for a wide range of species. Designs can also be developed for specialist systems such as stock enhancement facilities, recycle units, effluent treatment and aquarium systems. In partnership with engineering companies, Stirling Aquaculture can provide tender documentation, arrange the procurement of equipment and can supervise the construction and installation of aquaculture facilities. We can also provide redesign or redevelopment services, and can advise clients on improving the efficiency and profitability of existing operations.

Working at the interface between research and industry, the group are experienced in supporting innovation processes and helping companies to develop greater capacity through training, better analysis of available data and improved networking and knowledge exchange. Web-based applications can also be developed in-house to support improved analysis and management.

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