The UK Marine Science and Technology Compendium

Welcome to the UK Marine Science and Technology Compendium which has been compiled with thanks for input from across our vibrant marine science and industry community.

The database provides an overview of the UK’s marine research institutes and university departments, the marine industry sector, government bodies representing marine and marine-related Non-Governmental Organisations.

If you wish to make changes to an entry, please send an email to the NOC Association Secretariat (details below).

We are compiling additional detail about staffing and funding for UK marine research centres and university departments, which will summarised in these queries:

  • Human Resources – across the UK
  • Total number of research staff
  • Total number of technical staff
  • Total number of administrative staff
  • Funding – across the UK
  • Proportion from the Natural Environment Research Council
  • Proportion from ‘Other Public Sector’
  • Proportion from Government departments
  • Proportion from by Foreign (other than EC contracts)
  • Proportion from foundations and charities
  • Proportion from other external sources

The database can be updated at any point but all contacts will be asked to review their entry on an annual basis.

The database was designed by Mikael Suominen, National Oceanography Centre and the content populated by the NOC Association Secretariat.

Please note that data showing staff, student and funding is given for 2016/17 or 2017/18, if indicated
UK Marine Science Research Staff 2016/2017Total
Full Professors299
Lecturers / Senior Lecturers / Readers487
Postdoctoral / Research Assistants734

If your company, institution or society isn't listed and you would like it to be, or if you would like your data added to or removed from the database, please kindly send an email to Jackie Pearson, details below.

For further information:

Jackie Pearson
NOC Association Secretariat
The National Oceanography Centre
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