Research Areas provided by British Geological Survey: Marine Geoscience

Research Area Contact
Beach morphodynamics Andres Payo Garcia
Climate change impacts on the coastal zone Andres Payo Garcia
Coastal, shelf and estuarine hydrodynamics Andres Payo Garcia
Continental shelf and coastal dynamics Gareth Carter
Estuarine dynamics and processes Andres Payo Garcia
Geohazards, tsunami, coastal evidence for past events Samantha Engwell
Glaciers and sea level change Samantha Engwell
Integrated coastal zone management Andres Payo Garcia
Sea level change and impacts for society Andres Payo Garcia
Sediment transport: physics and modelling Andres Payo Garcia
Sedimentology, transport processes, marine turbulence Tom Dodd
Storm surges and coastal flooding Andres Payo Garcia
Coastal sediment transport: physics and modelling Andres Payo Garcia
Coastal, shelf and open ocean mapping Rhys Cooper
Deep-water habitat mapping and ecosystems David McInroy
Habitat mapping Rhys Cooper
Ice sheet modelling Rhys Cooper
Modelling of coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics and sediment transport Andres Payo Garcia
Oil-reservoir modelling Margaret Stewart
Remote sensing Rhys Cooper
Role of salinity in climate variability Andres Payo Garcia
Shelf and coastal processes and impacts Rhys Cooper
Spatial analyses and habitat mapping Rhys Cooper
Statistical modelling Andres Payo Garcia
Survey and monitoring of the open ocean Rhys Cooper
Applied environmental geosciences Rhys Cooper
Borehole research Margaret Stewart
Continental shelves, passive margins, ocean basins and ocean islands Margaret Stewart
Crustal processes Dave McCarthy
Environmental geochemistry Susan Loughlin
Geohazards Susan Loughlin
Geomorphology Emrys Phillips
Arctic palaeo environmental change Jeremy Everest
Coastal ocean processes Andres Payo Garcia
Ocean-floor hydrothermal systems Paul Lusty
Tsunami Andres Payo Garcia
Records of volcanism from deposits in deep sea sediments Samantha Engwell
Ash sedimentation in marine environments Samantha Engwell