White Ribbon

Equipment Type: Small vessel

BGS own and operate a small 9 m survey catamaran called the White Ribbon. Its name refers to the data gap within the coastal zone where offshore data collection has been difficult. The vessel is being used to fill this gap, as its small size and draft allow survey operations to be undertaken in very shallow water depths. The boat has also been used in various lochs and lakes, with the aim to increase our understanding of what lies beneath the waves.

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Rhys Cooper
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The White Ribbon is equipped with a Kongsberg EM3002 multibeam echosounder. This uses a fan or swathe of narrow acoustic beams to completely cover the sea floor, to enable very accurate seafloor mapping. We can hull mount a variety of seismic systems such as the Innomar SES-2000, Knudsen, Edgetech 3100 216S and tow an applied acoustics surface tow boomer. The boat can also be used to collect drop camera/video and sampling (light weight van veen, small gravity corer).The Kongsberg EM3002D is a dual head, multibeam echosounder system (Figure 1). The EM3002D is capable of producing up to 508 dynamically focussed beams, which produce a swathe width of up to 200° operable in water depths of up to 150 m. The system operates in the 300 kHz frequency range, which ensures narrow beams and a small acoustic footprint. The EM3002D uses a powerful processing unit that applies sophisticated algorithms for beam forming, beam stabilisation and bottom detection.
Available for use/hire by external contacts