Field Spectroscopy Facility (FSF)

Equipment Type: Spectroscopy Facility

NCEO provides governance and oversight of NERC’s Field Spectroscopy Facility at the University of Edinburgh, which provides optical sensing expertise and equipment for assessing the spectral properties of vegetation, rocks, soil and water under different observing conditions.

Ground-based spectral measurements are used to study critical environmental phenomena, such as the photosynthetic activity of vegetation or the changing albedo of snow and ice under different conditions. They are also important for developing and validating data products from satellite and aircraft missions.

The Facility includes a calibration and test laboratory for scientists to characterise new equipment. The FSF can support NERC science and the wider UK research community, subject to peer review and appropriate funding support for the type and size of project.

All new users are offered a period of extended training in both equipment use and measurement principles.

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Available for use/hire by external contacts