Active Flying Leads


Teledyne Oil & Gas has created an integrated solution and a new class of product: The Active Flying Lead (AFL). Working with our customers, we identify challenges they face in subsea communications and elsewhere. With diverse technologies, we have bundled expertise from different Teledyne business units, and can offer a qualified product or create a project-specific solution to help simplify subsea architecture, reducing cost, complexity, and risk.

Teledyne Oil & Gas has qualified highly reliable atmospheric housings to be integrated with Flying leads and contain specialized electronics. first system was qualified for Ethernet repeaters followed by Media converters, but both can be used as a foundation to integrate other electronics into a flying lead.

Three product groups are available:

AFL EXTEND: Extend Ethernet jumper length to up to 10 km using repeater systems

Products available:
Extended Ethernet Flying Lead (E²FL) Extended CAN Bus Flying Lead (ECFL)

AFL CONVERT: Convert power or media for system flexibility

Products available: Electrical/Optical Flying Lead (EOFL) DC to DC Converter (24 VDC to 5 VDC)

AFL SELECT: Project-specific functionality integrated into a jumper assembly. Examples include but are not limited to thermistors, resistors, and capacitors.

All Active Flying Lead solutions are a collaborative effort between Teledyne Oil & Gas and our customers seeking solutions to underwater power and data transmission challenges. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and expertise in subsea networking.

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