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Alba Ultrasound has gained significant experience in developing bespoke transducer arrays in the field of underwater sonar for both defence and commercial applications.

We specialise in developing transducers for small volume project based systems and for higher volume product based systems. We have a list of clients who are leaders in their field covering both defence and commercial sectors.

We are accomplished in producing superior sonar arrays for the following applications:

• Sidescan and Bathymetric sonar
• Minehunting sonar
• High frequency imaging sonar
• Intruder detection sonar
• AUV, ROV and Hull Mounted Sonar

Our team of qualified Engineers will assist you to:

Optimise the electrical and mechanical interface to improve integration with the sonar and platform.

Enhance sonar performance by optimising the acoustic performance of the transducer and optimise the transmit/receive matching.

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