Riser Management Information Systems


Ashtead Technology have an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of riser management applications.

The interaction of ocean currents on drilling/workover risers and systems can result in excessive structural loading on risers, connection systems, wellhead equipment and tensioning systems. This can cause significant problems in well entry, completion operations and the running of tools, particularly in variable and layered current profiles.

Ashtead Technology can provide real-time and off-line monitoring services to determine riser angle and vibration at key locations to effectively manage the operation in adverse conditions and validate predictive numerical models to:

Monitor riser shape
Optimise lower ball joint entry angle
Assess extent and modes of vortex induced vibration
With remote access information systems, we can transmit critical data from subsea-to-shore in real-time, providing full visibility of an asset and its current condition.

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