Marine Operations


ABP as a Statutory Harbour Authority, and the Port Marine Safety Code

Associated British Ports (ABP) is the Statutory and Competent Harbour Authority for 22 separate ports and harbours located around the UK. The breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that comes from managing these ports and harbours enables ABP to play a leading role in the ongoing development of the Port Marine Safety Code.

The Port Marine Safety Code, which was last revised in November 2016, serves to highlight the responsibilities that are allied to being a Harbour Authority and establishes a requirement for all Harbour Authorities to formalise their procedures.

In publishing the ABP Marine Policy we aim to demonstrate our commitment to the safe and responsible operation of our ports and harbours by detailing areas of primary concern and bringing transparency to our work. Linked to this policy, each ABP port and harbour has prepared plans detailing the precise manner in which this policy is to be implemented.

We have well established reporting procedures and performance targets; and have a designated person to provide assurances that the ABP marine safety management systems are working effectively. We have a clear system for auditing and reviewing our performance against this policy.

By implementing this policy, ABP continues to build upon its known track record of safe and efficient operations, while endeavouring to identify further opportunities to improve that record whenever and wherever we can.