Unmanned and Autonomous Systems

Research Area: Robotics, autonomous underwater vehicles

Unmanned and Autonomous systems are still a relatively new area of marine technology and as such are the subject of ongoing research and development which continue to push the boundaries of the technology.

Since the company began we have undertaken a variety of funded and part funded research and development programmes including feasibility and market studies, prototype design, development and production and exploring new applications.

We are currently participating in a number of live R&D programmes which cover topics such as software and communications, operations and regulations, autonomous vehicle interaction and vehicle launch and recovery.

In undertaking these programmes we regularly collaborate with other commercial organisations as well as universities and research institutions. To date we have worked with Cranfield University, The University of Portsmouth, the National Oceanography Centre and Southampton University. Our commercial partners include SeeByte, Sonardyne, Thales UK, and Planet Ocean amongst others.

Research and Development