Asset Management - Defence

Drawing on an unrivalled depth of naval and engineering know-how, our teams safely and efficiently support, and are trusted to deliver, complex and critical programmes on a vast scale. Among the major outcomes, we ensure customers benefit from increased asset availability, improved efficiency and significantly reduced operating and infrastructure costs.

Testament to the strength of our long-term relationships is our involvement in all current and future UK naval programmes, spanning the next fifty years, along with successful, collaborative working arrangements with navies around the world, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Working hand-in-hand with our customers, our key asset management activities include deep maintenance, in-service support and through life engineering support for submarines, the deep maintenance and life extension of surface warships, upgrading, overhauling and managing equipment and systems and managing naval bases in the UK and New Zealand. Babcock’s technology business supports these activities with engineering, design, systems integration and platform management capabilities.

Our customers’ current and future requirements increasingly demand innovation from industry to deliver optimised and affordable support solutions. This requires a shift from a reactive to a proactive support model, underpinned by a dynamic understanding of asset material state and the ability to transform the myriad of data sources into decision support information.

A good example of this is Babcock’s ATHENA project, which builds on our current through life asset management programmes to embed new processes, data analytics, modelling capabilities and technology improvements, including Babcock’s iFrigateTM technology.

And it’s not just platforms and major infrastructure assets that we support, Babcock is an expert in the design, manufacture and through-life support of high-integrity systems and equipment. Our extensive equipment management capability means that we can repair, overhaul and replace the right spares at the right time for our customers. Utilising our sector-leading supply chain management techniques and our bespoke inventory optimisation solution, Red Cube, we deliver the full range of parts and replacements needed, from simple commodity items to complex equipment.