Better Risk Ltd

Risk Management
We help control risks in complex environments and deliver security solutions, which includes project management, monitoring, evaluation and learning activities from our UK Head Office and designated work sites. We have conducted risk assessment and mitigation for international public-private agencies, across commercial and defence sectors, promoting understanding of risk management frameworks, approved codes of practice and safe systems of work for implementation in commercial and non-for-profit project delivery.

Contact Information
Director / Head: 
Richard Battrick, Managing Director
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+44 (0)1243 543 518

Consultancy Services and Products

Active Engagement & Due Diligence Richard Battick
Affiliation & Support Richard Battick
Capacity Building & Training Richard Battick
Defence Offset Richard Battick
Detailed UXO Risk Assessment Richard Battick
Explosive Engineering Richard Battick
Humanitarian Demining Richard Battick
Offshore Construction & Underwater Explosive Ordnance Richard Battick
Preliminary UXO Risk Assessment Richard Battick
Safety & Environmental Case Reporting Richard Battick
Security And Defence Richard Battick
Security And Defence Richard Battick
UN Global Compact Richard Battick