Blue Ocean Monitoring

Blue Ocean Monitoring is an offshore survey company specialising in the deployment of unmanned survey platforms, committed to the adoption of innovative technologies to provide value focused solutions to offshore industries.  We were established on the belief that autonomous technology is the future of ocean surveys.

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Western Australia, we have grown to a multinational entity with 5 regional offices in 4 countries, employing over 20 people.  We are currently the world’s largest commercial owner and operator of Teledyne Webb Research’s Slocum gliders, but also offer services using other technologies, including autonomous surface vehicles (ASV) and mini-AUV platforms.  We have developed, integrated, and now operate a number of customized sensor packages on our vehicles, including:

1. Acoustic e.g. marine mammal observation, anthropogenic noise monitoring;
2. Geochemical e.g. natural seep detection, leak monitoring, oil spill response;

3. Environmental e.g. baseline studies, compliance monitoring;
4. Visual e.g. habitat monitoring, seafloor classification;
5. Data Harvesting e.g. infrastructure monitoring, deep water moorings; and
6. Hydrographic e.g. single and multi-beam surveys.

In addition to operating our own fleet of autonomous vehicles, we also manage, service, test, and deploy autonomous vehicles for third parties.  In scenarios where autonomous technology is not best suited, or to augment autonomous campaigns, we provide traditional metocean solutions, specialising in fixed real-time monitoring systems.

Blue Ocean Monitoring is a strategic partner within the NOC Marine Robotics Innovation Centre

Contact Information
Director / Head: 
Simon Illingworth, Managing Director
Marine Robotics Innovation Centre, National Oceanography Centre, European Way, Southampton, SO14 3ZH
Switchboard Number: 
+44 2380 016 222

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