Research Areas provided by British Antarctic Survey

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Coastal areas and El Nino
Coastal marine ecosystems Eugene Murphy
Coastal ocean turbulence: physics and modelling Michael Meredith
Continental shelf and coastal dynamics David Vaughan
Geohazards, tsunami, coastal evidence for past events
Glaciers and sea level change
Sea level change and impacts for society
Sedimentology, transport processes, marine turbulence
Air-sea exchange
Arctic observation, sea ice
Biogeochemical models
Climate and environmental forcing
Climate modelling, variability and change
Coastal, shelf and open ocean mapping
Deep-water habitat mapping and ecosystems
Ecological modelling Eugene Murphy
El-nino climatology
Food web analysis and modelling
General circulation models
Glacial-interglacial atmospheric CO2 change
Global modelling
Habitat mapping
High performance computing
Ice sheet modelling David Vaughan
Ice-climate interactions David Vaughan, John King
Marine systems modelling
Ocean acidification and carbon feedbacks
Ocean/atmosphere interactions
Rapid climate change associated with the AMOC Alistair Crame
Remote sensing
Role of salinity in climate variability
Sea ice dynamics and modelling
Sea surface temperature modelling
Spatial analyses and habitat mapping
Species distribution models
Survey and monitoring of the open ocean
Air sea exchange Michael Meredith
Air sea transfer of climate-active gases
Benthic biogeochemical processes
Carbon cycling and carbon flux through ecosystems
Global cycles of climatically active trace gases
Interactions between biological communities and biogeochemical processes
Isotope Geochemistry
Marine aerosols and clouds
Marine aerosols and clouds
Marine boundary layer chemistry
Ocean acidification, ocean acidification and biogeochemical cycles
Ocean biogeochemical fluxes
Ocean fertilization
Ocean-atmosphere coupling
Ocean-atmosphere coupling
Plankton and marine biogeochemical cylces
Salinity and climate variability
Acoustics in marine mammals Eugene Murphy
Ancient DNA; life history evolution
Animal movement
Behavioural ecology
Benthic communities and natural and anthropogenic impacts
Biodiversity and changes to ecosystem functionality
Biological oceanography
Biophysical processes
Cephalopod biology
Cetacean biology Eugene Murphy
Climatic influences on deep sea and abyssal ecology
Coastal marine biology
Conservation ecology and resource management
Conservation genetics
Deep sea biology, hydrothermal vent microbiology
Deep-sea macrofaunal community ecology
Ecology - conservation
Ecology - Deep sea, pelagic and planktonic
Ecology - Euphausiid
Ecology - fish conservation
Ecology - non-native species and conservation
Ecology - pelagic
Ecology - population and community
Ecology - seabirds
Ecology - seabirds
Ecology - Temporal and spatial behavioural ecology
Ecology - Zooplankton
Ecology - Zooplankton
Ecology – Marine invertebrates
Ecology – Marine Mammals
Ecology – Marine vertebrates
Ecosystems, ecosystem services, environmental change
Environmental genomics
Evolutionary biology
Fish - marine predator ecology
Fish biology, behaviour, population dynamics, survey techniques
Fisheries – sustainable exploitation, management strategies
Fisheries, fish systematics, taxonomy and evolutionary processes
Foodweb dynamics, analysis and modelling
Genetics and taxonomy
Human impact on marine ecosystems
Immunology and physiology of marine invertebrates
Influence of climate on deep sea ecology
Invasive species
Long term observatories
Marine conservation
Marine conservation
Marine food webs
Marine invertebrate physiology
Marine invertebrates
Marine mammal biology
Marine mammal genetics
Marine predator search strategies
Marine vertebrates
Migratory behaviour, search strategies, foraging by marine vertebrates
Migratory pattens of marine vertebrates
Natural and anthropogenic impacts on benthic communities
Nitrogen cycling
Novel marine genes
Nutrient biogeochemistry
Ocean acidification - impact on ecosystems
Phytoplankton, phytoplankton productivity, physiology, zooplankton
Polar biology
Population biology
Population modelling
Predator-prey interactions and predator search strategies
Primary production, phytoplankton and CO2
Primary production, phytoplankton physiology
Sensitivity of marine species to fluctuation and change
Continental shelves, passive margins, ocean basins and ocean islands
Crustal processes
Earth surface processes
Geology and geophysics
Glacial geomorphology and sedimentology
Glacial sedimentary processes
Marine benthic sediment systems
Sea floor and habitat mapping
History and politics of the Antarctic Treaty
Arctic palaeo environmental change
Biostratigraphy in the geological record
Cenozoic micropalaeontolgy
Holocene/Quaternary palaeoceanography
Integrating ocean modelling studies with palaeo-data
Integrating ocean modelling studies with palaeo-data
Palaeo sea level
Palaeoclimate, Palaeoclimatology and rapid climatic events
Boundary layer and sediment transport
Climate physics
Coastal ocean processes
Dynamics of ocean currents
Eddy correlation measurements
El Niño physical processes
Frazil and sea ice dynamics, thermodynamics
Ice shelf-ocean interaction
Ice-shelf physics David Vaughan
Internal waves
Marine ice formation
Mixing and turbulance in the ocean
Ocean acidification
Ocean circulation and processes
Ocean-atmosphere interaction
Ocean-floor hydrothermal systems
Oceanic and atmospheric waves
Open ocean observatories
Physics of sea level change
Satellite oceanography
Sea level and ocean climate
Surface processes
Thermodynamics and energetics of the atmosphere and oceans
Turbulent mixing in stratified fluids
Conservation and environmental policy
Environmental science and policy
Fishing economies and businesses
Marine planning, Marine Protected Areas, marine reserves, no-take zones, marine conservation zones.
Marine environment
Instruments and sensors
Instruments for automated chemical analysis
Marine biotechnology, biofuels
Marine electronics
Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering
Observing systems
Ship ballast water treatment
Ship stability and safety Randolph Sliester
Sustainable marine engineering
Sustainable use of marine bio-resources