Coastal Zone Management

The world population is likely to double within the next half century. The demand for food, minerals and energy resources are expected to rise in similar proportions. The seas play an increasingly important role in the meeting of these demands. 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water and this area can be utilised for residential, industrial, leisure and other uses.

Most coastal areas are already intensely used, for numerous activities ranging from ports, and fish farming to marine recreation. On the adjacent land, residential users are drawn to the zone to enjoy its amenities while industrial users take advantage of the coastal areas.

The range of interests invariably lead to conflict from various parties from the intense commercial development to strong conservation interest. The training, knowledge and experience of a trained individual or company are essential to find a solution which all parties can accept. That is one example of the value of CTS coastal zone development managers but not the only one as technical management includes:

• Project management.

• Valuation of resources and property on land and at sea.

• EIA including assessment of environmental damage and compensation.

• Land and sea use planning, risk assessment and resolution of resource-use conflicts.

• Resolution of legal problems where land law and sea law meet including both legal and administrative boundaries.

• Assessment of conservation requirements, including marine protected areas.

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