Robertson Museum and Aquarium

Equipment Type: Aquarium

FSC Scotland offers primary day visits of varying length designed to develop the four capacities of learners whilst meeting the requirements of Curriculum for Excellence, covering Experiences and Outcomes such as Planet Earth, Biodiversity and interdependence; Social Studies, People, Place and environment.

Visits for schools include exploring the Robertson Museum to learn about the rich marine history of the Clyde including explorers and shipwrecks. Children can learn about what lives under the surface of the Clyde in our aquarium where lobsters, crabs anemones and starfish. There are walks to the local rocky shore to search for creatures which are sheltering whilst the tide is low. We will think about how this environment changes over the course of a day and what adaptations the animals and plants require to survive there. Searching the strand-line, we will look for evidence of animals and humans, past and present. There is also the option to visit the laboratory with a sample of sea water to examine under microscopes. Students will see microscopic algae and animals, looking out for things such as young barnacles or fish eggs.

Available for use/hire by external contacts