Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) promotes the United Kingdom's interests overseas, supporting our citizens and businesses around the globe.

The FCDO has a worldwide network of embassies and consulates, employing over 14,000 people in nearly 270 diplomatic offices. We work with international organisations to promote UK interests and global security, including the EU, NATO, the United Nations, the UN Security Council and the Commonwealth.

The FCDO is responsible for:

  • safeguarding the UK’s national security by countering terrorism and weapons proliferation, and working to reduce conflict
  • building the UK’s prosperity by increasing exports and investment, opening markets, ensuring access to resources, and promoting sustainable global growth
  • supporting British nationals around the world through modern and efficient consular services

FCDO Chief Scientific Adviser

The FCDO’s Chief Scientific Adviser is Professor Carole Mundell whose role is to provide science advice to the Foreign Secretary, Ministers and officials in support of FCDO priorities. Working with the Science and Innovation Network, the FCDO Chief Scientific Adviser represents UK science interests internationally, with a particular focus on:

  • leaving the EU
  • demonstrating UK science leadership to tackle global challenges such as patient safety, girls’ education and sustainable use of the oceans
  • applying science diplomacy to strengthen UK bilateral relationships

The FCDO Chief Scientific Adviser is also head of profession for FCDO scientists and engineers. The Chief Scientific Adviser works closely with the cross-government science community and the wider UK and international academic science community.

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