Consultancy Services


This section gives an overview only of Fugro's marine services. Fugro also provides land services, information available on the Fugro website.

The range of specialised services provided by Fugro include:

Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental policy and legislation, Marine environmental consenting, permit applications and environmental reporting, Environmental management plans, Oil spill emergency plans, Feasibility studies, site selection and appraisal, Constraints mapping and analysis, Zonal and regional assessments, Habitat regulations assessments, Regional environmental characterisations, Marine monitoring plans, GIS and data management, Comparative Assessment, Public consultation, Stakeholder engagement and Training and industry advice.

Marine Site Characterisation

Around the world, we design and carry out technical studies, surveys and investigations to establish the characteristics of marine development areas, sites and routes.

Our data acquisition, analytics and advice help clients make informed decisions, and facilitate and de-risk complex and technically demanding projects. Additionally, our state-of-the-art solutions support the stewardship of natural resources and the sustainable development of large capital assets in the marine environment.

Areas covered include:

Marine Geoconsulting, Marine Geotechnical, Geophysical Services, Metocean Measurements, Marine Environmental Services and Hydrographic Survey Services

Marine Asset Integrity

Our inspection, repair and maintenance services; monitoring and remote systems technologies; and diverse testing and engineering capabilities support the long-term safety and integrity of both natural and man-made marine assets.

We provide project-wide support through the accurate positioning of vessels and infrastructure, the provision of enhanced drilling and construction operations and ongoing environmental management.

Areas covered include:

Positioning services, Satellite Positioning, Construction Support, Monitoring and Forecasting, IRM Services, Remote Systems Technology, Drill Support and ROV Services, Construction and Installation

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