Environmental Surveys


Here at Gardline, we have been successfully completing environmental, metocean, hydrographic and geophysical surveys worldwide for over 30 years, which has allowed the development of a high level of scientific and technical experience in the full range of marine environments. Gardline is a market leader within the worldwide environmental services market.

Leading offshore survey contractors

We offer a unique survey capability that combines the acquisition of physical, chemical and biological data in one survey. The capability draws on the Gardline Groups considerable experience in marine geophysics, hydrography, digital mapping, underwater engineering, oceanography, positioning and its dedicated fleet of survey vessels to provide a fully integrated survey capability. For the past decade, we have been a leading offshore survey contractor, operating in Australia, SE Asia, NW Europe, the Mediterranean and West Africa.

Multi-disciplinary surveys

We routinely undertake large numbers of benthic environmental surveys world-wide, many of which incorporate a multi disciplinary approach integrating geophysical, bathymetric, geotechnical and seabed photographic techniques. All of our reports adhere to strict guidelines provided by international legislation.

Mutli-role survey vessels and equipment

We own and operate a multitude of different types of survey and sampling equipment. These include seabed samplers, water quality samplers, subsea video/photographic and ROV equipment, as well as oceanographic, geophysical, geotechnical and hydrographic survey systems.

Our main areas of operations are:

Environmental baseline and post development surveys
Oceanographic data acquisition and interpretation
Benthic and pelagic surveys
Temperate and tropical reef surveys
Habitat and biotope mapping
Fish spawning ground surveys
Deep water surveys
Marine Mammal Observation
Passive Acoustic Monitoring
Pre-survey species narratives to meet PON12 requirements

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