Offshore Geotechnical Services


We supply a complete geotechnical solution utilising offshore heave compensated drilling, seabed sampling and in situ testing services from the near-shore to in excess of 2500m water depth. Using state of the art equipment and experienced, dedicated personnel, we provide an integrated data acquisition and consultancy service to our clients. We work in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, renewable energy, telecoms, government civil engineering and dredging.
Offshore Geotechnical Solutions

We have over 25 years of offshore geotechnical experience and we are one of the world’s largest marine geotechnical specialists. Our objective is to provide a high quality, bespoke, responsive and value-for-money service to address the rigorous demands of the offshore environment. We have a wide capability of reporting, ranging from pre-field work desk studies, to post acquisition, geotechnical engineering.

Our typical range of services includes.

Desk study
Ground model generation
Risk analysis for offshore installation
Laboratory testing report
Soils parameters report
Geotechnical design and engineering

Our geotechnical analysis capabilities include:

Jack up leg penetration analysis
Pile capacity analysis
Driveability analysis
Mudmat analysis
Spudcan-pile interaction
Soil corrosion analysis
Pile group effect
PSHA (seismic hazard analysis)
Pile ageing effect
Anchor holding and embedment
Pipeline trencheability and analysis.

Fully integrated Geotechnical capability

An optimised solution from our suite of sampling and soil analysis tools can provide a bespoke solution to your individual project, from the initial planning stage to final analysis of results in order to facilitate key decisions for future planning. We provide fully integrated, turn-key solutions and are a One-Stop-Shop for your project requirements.

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