MetStream Intelligent Communications Hub


What is MetStream?

MetStream is an intelligent communications platform capable of linking, processing, bridging, storing and streaming data between devices. Users can network and sample from multiple devices at high speed, translating and managing data, outputting it to an html browser-based interface.

The Linux-based computer at the heart of MetStream is ultra-reliable and requires only a fraction of a standard computer system's power. Expandable memory means the MetStream Hub is also capable of storing processed data for extended periods, which can then be streamed via a direct connection, wirelessly or over the internet.

The MetStream Dashboard

MetStream uses a customisable browser-based interface to translate your devices' outputs into your language. The interface visualises live measurement data on your computer, tablet, or smartphone at work, at home or on the go.

Connect, Configure, Customise

Simply link up any sensor to the MetStream Hub, connect to your device, fire up a web browser and log in to your MetStream dashboard.

From the dashboard you can configure your instruments to display the reading you want to see. Better still, Gill Instruments products sync with the dashboard using a straightforward "pick and click" interface.

You can easily customise your dashboard by switching between measurement units and dial types to display the data you want to see, as you want to see it.

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