Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - REMUS

Equipment Type: Autonomous Underwater vehicles


REMUS an AUV from the Ocean Systems Laboratory manufactured by Hydroid. It is designed for high-speed transits in coastal environments up to 100m water depths. It serves as a platform for high-level evaluation and validation of new autonomous software systems in development. It has partaken in a number of projects including mulit-AUV coordination trials with Nessie III and the Autonomous Pipeline Tracking project (Autotracker).

Technical Specifications (from Heriot -Watt)

Vehicle Diameter 19cm
Vehical Length 160cm
Weight 37kg
Max Operating Depth 100m
Speed 2.6m/s
Energy 1Kw/hr internally re-chargeable lithium-ion batteries
Endurance 22hrs at optimal speed of 1.5m/s, but only 8hrs at 2.6m/s
Propulsion Direct drive DC brushless motor to open 3-bladed propeller
Navigation USBL, LBL and DR
Standard Sensor Fit • GPS, Dual frequency sidescan (900/1800KHz), ACDP, CTD

Additional Sensor FIt • Colour downward looking camera, WiFi antenna, Forward looking sonar (Tritech Micron), Forward looking sona (Blueview 900KHz), WBS

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Yvan Petillot
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