Remotely Operated Vehicle

Equipment Type: Remotely operated vehicles

OFFSHORE HYBALL shares all of the unique features that have made Hyball so successful but with the added benefit of increased power. This was achieved by a redesign of the power modules to provide more efficient switch mode supplies to the thrusters and an increase in the size of the power module transformers. The surface unit power supplies and wiring are also up-rated. In addition the video circuitry has been improved as have the lighting circuits. Remote focus has been added for the video camera and all of the ROV circuit boards have been improved. Finally we have added interfaces for sonar, manipulator and a CP probe as standard. These are available as options for Hyball.

Both Offshore Hyball and Hyball share the unique feature of a patented meridian view port that allows the internally mounted camera(s) to tilt and view through 360 degrees. Panning of the camera is achieved by rotating the vehicle, which can turn on its own axis. This combination of camera movement and vehicle manoeuvrability provides you with the ideal remote controlled subsea video inspection package. In both ROVs we provide you with the very latest in colour video cameras for unbeatable video quality. Currently we use a JVC 470 line resolution, 0.95 lux colour CCD camera with an F 0.8 Pentax lens and remote focus as the standard camera.

Propulsion OFFSHORE HYBALL is fitted with four thrusters. Two main thrusters provide forward, reverse and rotational movement and two vertran thrusters provide vertical and lateral movement. Each has 5 inch diameter propellers in Kort Nozzles driven by 450 watt, 45 volt DC motors through 10.5:1 reduction gears. The carbon/ceramic spring loaded shaft seals and motor brushes have a service life of 500 hours in normal operation down to 300 metres (1000 feet). They can be replaced on all four thrusters in less than an hour by removing the thruster from the outside of the vehicle. Thruster speed and direction is controlled by digital signals proportional to the movements of the joystick. Built in protection prevents overheating and overloading of motors. Ramping of motor speed is software driven through a dedicated microprocessor to give smooth operating performance.

Lighting OFFSHORE HYBALL is equipped with two fixed 75 watt, quartz halogen lights aimed forward and two 75 watt lights mounted on the camera chassis. These camera chassis lights track with the camera. All light bulbs are easily replaceable in the field. Each light is individually controlled and has an on/off indicator on the video overlay. Light intensity is adjustable from the Surface Unit keypad.

Viewing System Offshore Hyball is equipped with a low light CCD colour video camera with a wide angle, remote focus, auto F0.8auto iris rens. The camera is mounted on a chassis, which rotates through 360 degrees and allows the camera to view up, down, forward or backwards through a unique, patented Meridian view port. The video picture is sent to the Surface Control Unit and is displayed on an integral 14 inch high resolution colour monitor. Either PAL or NTSC format is available. A BNC outlet is provided for a video recorder. We recommend that an S-VHS or Y/C video recorder be used that is capable of recording the high quality video from Offshore Hyball, which has greater than 460 line resolution. (A standard domestic VHS recorder can only resolve about 270 lines resolution). Three cameras may be mounted on the standard camera chassis - the standard camera, a low light monochrome camera and a still camera.

OFFSHORE HYBALL is supplied with a full package of control and instrumentation sensors.


The Digital Depth Indicator is selected by the operator to readout in feet or metres, salt or freshwater. The vehicle's depth is then displayed on the video overlay.

OFFSHORE HYBALL is equipped with both a magnetic compass and a rate gyro. The compass heading is diplayed on the video overlay compass rose and as a digital heading. The rate gyro is used for auto heading selection.

A potentiometer on the camera chassis provides feedback to display camera tilt position on the video overlay. This is very useful for orientation during flying as well as video playback.

Pre dive water integrity is confirmed by drawing a partial vacuum in the vehicle using the supplied vacuum pump. This partial vacuum is displayed on the video overlay and can be monitored to ensure that there are no system leaks. The vehicle is also fitted with a water ingress alarm as an additional safety feature.

Ground fault interrupters and circuit breakers are installed to protect both the surface unit and the vehicle.

Video Overlay
Offshore Hyball comes with the most advanced video overlay system of any ROV in its class. The overlay information can be displayed at the top or bottom of the screen or be removed. Information provided includes:

Vehicle heading, depth, time and date •
Auto heading and auto depth status •
Lights selected and intensity •
CP reading (if CP probe fitted) •
Manipulator open/close (if fitted) •
Camera position indicator •
Camera selected (A or B) •
Umbilical turns counter •
And two lines of free text
A keyboard is provided to enable the free text to be edited during flying operations.


A single three-axis joystick and dive/surface buttons on the hand controller control the vehicle's movement. Any combination of vehicle thruster instruction (except rotate) can be locked in by use of the trim button. This is useful for hands-off operation or for re-centering the joystick when operating in a cross current. Vertical thrust power is selected from the surface unit panel. Membrane tactile response keypads are provided on both the surface unit and hand controller.

Vehicle with Bumper Frame Length 22.60ins (575mm)
Width 30.31ins (770mm)
Height 22.20ins (575mm)
Weight 132.0lbs (60kg)

Surface Unit
Length 18.00ins (455mm)
Width 12.35ins (390mm)
Height 20.25ins (515mm)
Weight 99.00lbs (45kg)
Speed: In excess of 2.5 knots forward
Operating Depth: 1.000 ft (300 m)
Payload: 14 lbs (6.5 kg)
Power Requirements: 240 to 110 volts Single Phase A/C 50/60 Hz. Peak mains power 2300 VA . For use with a generator we recommend a 7 KVA unit
Maximum Length: 1600 ft (500m)
Diameter: 0.45 ins (11.5mm) Standard 0.58 ins (15mm)
Neutral Weight in water: 2.8 lbs/330 ft (1.26 kg/100m)
Min. Breaking Load: 1100 lbs (500 Kgf)

1 screened twisted pair - telemetry.
2 spare screened twisted pairs
1 video coax : 2 power conductors

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