Research Areas provided by Heriot-Watt University

Research Area Contact
Climate change impacts on the coastal zone David Woolf
Coastal marine ecosystems Mike Bell, Joanne Porter, William Sanderson
Coastal ocean turbulence: physics and modelling David Woolf
Coastal, shelf and estuarine hydrodynamics David Woolf
Continental shelf and coastal dynamics David Woolf
Integrated coastal zone management Sandy Kerr, Kate Johnson, William Sanderson
Sea level change and impacts for society David Woolf
Sediment transport: physics and modelling David Woolf
Sedimentology, transport processes, marine turbulence David Woolf
Air-sea exchange David Woolf
Biogeochemical models David Woolf
Coastal, shelf and open ocean mapping Teresa Fernandes, William Sanderson
Ecological modelling Joanne Porter
Environmental impacts - oil spills, bioremediation, human impacts William Sanderson
General circulation models Alan Fox
Habitat mapping Alan Fox, William Sanderson
Modelling - coastal ocean and global tidal dynamics David Woolf
Ocean acidification and carbon feedbacks Alex Poulton
Ocean/atmosphere interactions David Woolf
Process based modelling of the ocean and bio-geochemical processes David Woolf
Remote sensing David Woolf
Sea surface temperature modelling David Woolf
Spatial analyses and habitat mapping Mike Bell, Jonathon Side, Teresa Fernandes, William Sanderson
Species distribution models Mike Bell, Jonathon Side
Surface Ocean/Lower Atmosphere interactions David Woolf
Air sea transfer of climate-active gases David Woolf
Global cycles of climatically active trace gases David Woolf
Marine aerosols and clouds David Woolf
Ocean acidification, ocean acidification and biogeochemical cycles Alex Poulton
Ocean biogeochemical fluxes David Woolf
Anti-fouling and marine protection Joanne Porter
Aquaculture Teresa Fernandes, Alastair Lyndon
Benthic communities and natural and anthropogenic impacts Teresa Fernandes, Mark Hartl, William Sanderson
Biodiversity and changes to ecosystem functionality Teresa Fernandes, Murray Roberts, William Sanderson
Biological oceanography
Biological proxies of environmental change Mark Hartl, William Sanderson
Chemical pollutants; biomarkers; toxicology Mark Hartle, Teresa Fernandes
Coastal marine biology William Sanderson, Joanne Porter, Jonathon Side, Mike Bell
Conservation ecology and resource management Teresa Fernandes, Joanne Porter, William Sanderson
Conservation genetics Joanne Porter
Coral reef ecology, coral bleaching
Crustacean biology Liz Dyrynda
Deep sea biology, hydrothermal vent microbiology
Ecology - conservation Joanne Porter, Teresa Fernandes, William Sanderson
Ecology - coral reefs
Ecology - fish conservation Jonathon Side, Alastair Lyndon
Ecology - Macroalgal Martin Wilkinson
Ecology - Microbial Joanne Porter, Tony Gutierez
Ecology - non-native species and conservation Joanne Porter, William Sanderson
Ecology - population and community Jonathon Side, William Sanderson, Mike Bell
Ecology - sharks Alastair Lyndon
Ecology – Marine invertebrates Joanne Porter, Mike Bell
Ecology – Marine vertebrates Ted Henry, Jonathon Side, Mike Bell
Ecosystems, ecosystem services, environmental change Jonathon Side, Teresa Fernandes
Ecotoxicology Teresa Fernandes, Mark Hartle, Ted Henry, Liz Dyrynda
Environment, ecotoxicology pollution, ecosystem health Mark Hartle, Teresa Fernandes, Liz Dyrynda
Estuarine and coastal ecosystems Teresa Fernandes, Alastair Lyndon
Eutrophication Teresa Fernandes
Eutrophication Teresa Fernandes
Evolutionary biology Joanne Porter
Fish biology, behaviour, population dynamics, survey techniques Ted Henry, Alastair Lyndon
Fisheries – sustainable exploitation, management strategies Ted Henry, Alastair Lyndon
Genetics and taxonomy Joanne Porter
Human impact on marine ecosystems Teresa Fernandes, William Sanderson
Immunology and physiology of marine invertebrates Liz Dyrynda
Influence of climate on deep sea ecology
Invasive species Joanne Porter
Long term observatories
Mangrove environments
Marine conservation Joanne Porter, Teresa Fernandes, William Sanderson
Marine food webs
Marine invertebrate physiology Liz Dyrynda
Marine invertebrates immune mechamisms Liz Dyrynda
Marine pollution, mercury within food webs, oil degradation Tony Gutierez, Teresa Fernanes
Marine vertebrates Ted Henry, Alastair Lyndon
Microbiology Tony Gutierez
Ocean acidification - impact on ecosystems Alex Poulton
Oil degradation in marine environments Tony Gutierez, Teresa Fernanes
Population ecology of marine shellfish
Population modelling Mike Bell, Joanne Porter
Sea grass Alastair Lyndon
Sensitivity of marine species to fluctuation and change Joanne Porter
Impact of oil and gas activity Teresa Fernandes, Jonathon Side
Sea floor and habitat mapping Mike Bell, Jonathon Side
Economics Sandy Kerr
Air-sea gas exchange, atmospheric inputs to the marine environment David Woolf
Climate physics David Woolf
Coastal ocean processes David Woolf
Mixing and turbulance in the ocean David Woolf
Ocean-atmosphere interaction David Woolf
Physics of sea level change David Woolf
Satellite oceanography David Woolf
Sea level and ocean climate David Woolf
Surface processes David Woolf
Surface wave climate David Woolf
Coastal processes and UK legislative systems Jonathon Side, Teresa Fernandes, William Sanderson
Conservation and environmental policy Jonathon Side, Sandy Kerr, William Sanderson, Teresa Fernandes
Environmental science and policy Jonathon Side, Sandy Kerr, Teresa Fernandes, William Sanderson
Fishing economies and businesses Sandy Kerr
Marine planning, Marine Protected Areas, marine reserves, no-take zones, marine conservation zones. Sandy Kerr, Kate Johnson, William Sanderson
Marine planning, Marine Protected Areas, marine reserves, no-take zones, marine conservation zones. Sandy Kerr, William Sanderson, Joanne Porter, Kate Johnson, Teresa Fernandes
UNCLOS Jonathon Side
Marine environment Jonathon Side
Cables Rob Harris
Coastal engineering Rob Harris
Instruments and sensors Rob Harris
Marine and offshore engineering systems Rob Harris
Marine and offshore engineering systems Rob Harris
Marine biotechnology, biofuels Tony Gutierrz; Joanne Porter
Marine hydrodynamics Rob Harris
Marine renewable energy David Woolf
Marine structures Rob Harris
Underwater acoustics Jonathon Side
Sustainable use of marine bio-resources Teresa Fernandes; Jonathon Side, Sandy Kerr, William Sanderson