CP Inspection Surveys


Corrosion is an electrochemical process that occurs in stages, if left untreated subsea infrastructure can become hazardous and restoration costly. Horizon’s CP Survey services enables you to assess important subsea assets and make informed maintenance decisions.

CP Surveys are commonly used if controlling the integrity of metal subsea assets is important. Environmental and time related factors cause corrosion and offshore and nearshore infrastructure and components deteriorate.

We offer clients a full package of services from data acquisition to processing and reporting with CP Survey options including;

    ROV (proximity and contact)
    Trailing Wire (continuous hardwire connection)

The cutting edge CP systems we use are considered to be the smallest in the world, compatible with any ROV and industrial communication protocols (RS485 and RS232). Producing very low noise data and highly accurate results, the CP System can be mobilised in less than an hour with no surface equipment required.