Horizon performs geophysical surveys to gather the detailed data required by design engineers and installers of offshore structures, subsea cables and pipelines. That data is used to:

    Map seabed morphology and sub-seabed conditions
    Profile geological features
    Detect geohazards
    Provide a seabed and sub-seabed reference for geotechnical investigations

We operate a fleet of owned and chartered vessels which are mobilised for geophysical surveys in the deep ocean, the continental shelf and the shallower nearshore areas.

Geophysical surveys are typically required for:

    Site surveys for rigs or platforms
    Windfarm developments
    Route surveys for pipelines or cables
    Geohazard and fault detection
    High resolution seismic mapping

Horizon also has a full range of geophysical survey equipment including:

    Multi-beam and single-beam echo sounders
    Analogue sub-bottom profilers (Pinger / Boomer / Sparker / CHIRP)
    Digital sub-bottom profilers (/ 2DHR / UHR)
    Digital side scan sonars
    Magnetometer and gradiometers

Our geophysical survey vessels can also be equipped with:

    Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
    Environmental sampling equipment

The vessels feature on-board processing and reporting facilities which allows for seamless integration of the data sets which are processed, interpreted, reported and charted offshore.

Horizon’s deliverables are tailored to meet a client’s specific requirements, and typically include hard and soft copies of:

    Factual / interpretive and combined reports
    AutoCAD / PDF charts
    GIS deliverables to OGP/IMCA Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM) or client specified geo-database schematic formats