Before undertaking any development works within the marine environment it is important to understand the mechanics of the sometimes harsh and challenging surroundings within the proposed project area. This means developing and understanding the impacts and effects of wind, waves, currents and tidal patterns on both the existing infrastructure and any future developments.

Horizon uses a wide range of Metocean equipment including tide gauges, wave and current meters, in-situ data loggers and meteorological stations in order to gather detailed information on the meteorological and oceanographic conditions at the survey area.

We provide comprehensive feasibility and desktop studies for the initial stage of project planning where often a comprehensive pre-analysis of the existing area will lead to time and cost
savings during the life cycle of the project.

Horizon offers complete Metocean services, from equipment setup and calibration, through deployment and data acquisition, to final data analysis and reporting. Data collection can be conducted utilising a variety of techniques depending on the site and is tailored to the specific project

Equipment resources include:

    Desktop and feasibility studies
    Horizontal and vertical wave and current meters (ADCPs & AWACs)
    Wave rider buoys
    Acoustic velocimeters
    Tide gauges
    CTD recorders
    In-situ data loggers
    Meteorological stations with wind velocity, humidity, air temperature and radiation monitoring
    Weather forecasting