Nearshore Geotechnics


Horizon performs detailed nearshore geotechnical soil investigations to support the design, engineering and installation of the following structures:

    Jack-up rigs
    Jackets and platforms
    PLEM and SPMs
    Wind turbines
    Pipeline and cable routes
    Trenching and dredging activities
    Port developments
    Bridges and causeways
    LNG terminals

Nearshore geotechnical investigations are performed from our Self Elevating Platforms (SEPs) mobilised with a drilling rig with wire line drilling systems (PQ3 & Geobor S). These can be supplemented with a variety of Horizon’s in-situ sampling and testing equipment such as SPT, vane and pressure meter testing.

The SEPs and drilling units are easily transported by road or sea for rapid mobilisations. The following services are available from Horizon’s nearshore drilling spreads:

    Undisturbed and disturbed soil sampling
    Rock coring
    SPT testing
    In-situ vane testing
    Pressure meter testing
    In-field soil laboratory testing