Quest Horizon


The Quest Horizon, a 65m DP2 vessel, was commissioned and built for Horizon and was delivered in early 2014.

This vessel has been designed to cater to offshore works as shallow as 7m for both geotechnical investigations and geophysical surveys complying with the marine standards set by the global oil and gas operators.

She is permanently mobilised with a heave compensated geotechnical drill rig with downhole sampling and CPT system mounted over a central moon pool allowing her to drill boreholes for foundation design.

A fully equipped offshore soil testing laboratory is integrated onto the vessel allowing fast turnaround of critical tests.

Quest Horizon is also permanently mobilised with hydrographic and analogue geophysical survey spreads allowing combined site surveys in remote locations to be performed from a single vessel with one mobilisation.

In addition, the vessel can be mobilised with shallow sampling geotechnical equipment including a vibrocorer and Roson CPT; a digital 2D high resolution geophysical spread and a ROV, as required.

The vessel is primarily dedicated to the Middle East and East African region and is owned and managed by Horizon allowing flexibility of scheduling and crew change patterns to maximise operational efficiency.

The vessel is OVID and IMCA audited and approved.

Vessel Specification