Aquaculture currently represents the fastest increasing food production system in the world. Indeed, for the first time ever, aquaculture is now due to overtake capture production in the supply of global fish protein.

This development in aquaculture has happened at an incredibly fast pace and the industry now faces the major challenge of expanding in a sustainable manner whilst achieving enhanced food security and economic development.

Aquaculture is wide ranging in its implementation and technologies employed. In poorer parts of the world basic pond aquaculture represents the major method of production while at the other end of the scale, intensive tank based systems are now being used in developed nations.

Recently, the use of integrated aquaculture techniques has become more and more prevalent within the industry. Areas such as polyculture and aquaponics, have rapidly grown in interest as natural methods of maximising production outputs, while also mitigating environmental effects (through the natural removal of nutrients and waste products). MEP is highly experienced in the development of such systems in the Middle East, Australia and beyond and can help any aquaculture company develop a newly integrated system or alternatively convert an existing facility.

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