Since our beginnings working with fisheries and aquaculture development in less developed countries, MEP’s experience has broadened to cover all aspects and areas of the industry. One of the key emphases in modern fisheries management is sustainable exploitation of living marine and freshwater resources. MEP has worked extensively throughout the world to implement sustainable fisheries management and is proud of its environmental credentials.

At the same time we have sought to help develop and advise commercial fishing activities in creating a successful and sustainable business in what is undoubtedly a challenging industry. We have worked on turnaround programmes for a variety of commercial entities and the creation of new strategic plans.

MEP is also very active in the provision of fishery liaison services in a large variety of scenarios worldwide. Being able to communicate and work with industry members requires both knowledge and the ability to gain the trust and respect of the individuals concerned. MEPs vast array of experience in this field makes us, in our view, unrivalled in the provision of these services.

Fisheries Development & Management
Marine Insurance & P&I
Fish Processing & Marketing
Corporate Social Responsibility
Due Diligence, Business and Strategic Planning
Fishery Improvement Plans (FIPs)
Fisheries & Benthic Surveys
Observers & Data Collection

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