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For many years, the MacArtney Group has been recognised by our customers and by the leading manufacturers of oceanographic instruments and sensors as a systems integrator supplying turn-key solutions to operators and developers within the science community, environmental authorities and companies providing monitoring and consultancy services as well as research institutions.

MacArtney holds a strong background and track record within the manufacture and distribution of connectivity and infrastructure products. MacArtney underwater connectors and cables, our diverse range of underwater telemetry systems, winches and launch and recovery systems (LARS) combined with our engineering competences enable us to provide tailor-made systems to accommodate advanced customer specifications for any particular project.

Handling scientific equipment and data

To scientists and environmental data managers alike, choosing the right sampling strategy is of essence in order to obtain an accurate understanding of the health of the aquatic environment on our planet. For each sensor or scientific instrument, a platform that either brings or sustains the sensor in the right position, for its monitoring purposes, is critical. This also applies to underwater telemetry solutions that enable the transfer of collected data to surface-based acquisition systems, making the data available to users.

MacArtney has lots of experience with providing instrumentation platforms and underwater telemetry systems to the ocean science industry. Applications include vertical profiling systems, moorings and other stationary monitoring applications, buoys, remotely operated towed systems and ferrybox systems.

Although representing different sampling strategies and serving a multitude of purposes, the combination of MacArtney's core competences within underwater connectivity and infrastructure products, our diverse range of MERMAC winch and LARS systems, our NEXUS line of multiplexers and our integrated engineering capabilities have been the key to successful data acquisition on several scientific projects.


For forty years, the MacArtney Group has been representing leading manufacturers of underwater instruments and sensors either on a worldwide basis or within the European marketplace.

Our competences within underwater technology systems and instruments are diverse, and our product portfolio falls into three main categories including 'Acoustic Equipment' - covering the full range of instruments based on underwater acoustic technology - 'Oceanographic Instruments' - covering a variety of the instruments for the ocean science community - environmental monitoring authorities as well as hydrologic engineering, and finally our own LUXUS range of underwater cameras, lights and media controllers.

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