MacArtney Hydrostatic Pressure Vessels


MacArtney offers worldwide access to cutting-edge hydrostatic test facilities and services. In addition we also design and supply our own range of hydrostatic pressure vessels to customers who need to set up their own facility capable of putting almost any type of underwater equipment to the test.

Based on the tried and trusted system concept and advanced technology used by MacArtney hydrostatic test facilities, we offer a range of highly capable and versatile, standard hydrostatic pressure vessels. All our hydrostatic pressure vessels are manufactered according to EU Standard EN13445. Furthermore, we are able to supply customised vessels featuring alternative dimensions and pressure rating. If required, we can even quote and supply a complete hydrostatic test environment.

With a pressure capacity of up to 690 bar, MacArtney standard hydrostatic pressure vessels can readily simulate the hydrostatic operating conditions at 7,000 metres of ocean depth. In further support of generating realistic subsea conditions and accurate results, the entire testing process is computer controlled - with real time electric and optical measurements. Moreover, our in-house developed control software enables plug-and-play testing, bespoke test programmes and repeated pressure cycling.

Other pressure vessel benefits include lid integrated penetrators and the user-friendly ‘clamp-lock’ system which allows for swift test mobilisation and turnaround. MacArtney hydrostatic pressure vessels are available with on-site installation and operator training. Optional features include live video monitoring. Finally, our hydrostatic pressure vessels require minimal maintenance and have a long service life.

Features and benefits

Based on the tried and trusted technology used by MacArtney hydrostatic pressure test facilities
Up to 690 bar hydrostatic pressure testing as standard
Versatile high-capacity hydrostatic pressure vessels
In-house developed control software
Plug-and-play computer controlled testing
Bespoke test programmes and pressure cycles
Real time electrical and optical measurements
4 lid penetrators as standard
User friendly ‘clamp-lock’ system for swift test mobilisation and turnaround
Low maintenance requirements
Long service life
Designed according to PED EN13445 EU Standard


On-site installation and operators training
Equipment for live video monitoring
Remote test control
More (or less) lid integrated penetrators
Test environment equipment and ancillaries
Custom hydrostatic pressure vessels with alternative dimensions and higher (or lower) pressure rating available
Can be designed according to ASME VIII, Div. 2.

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