Marine Scotland Science

Marine Scotland Science (MSS), the Science Division of Marine Scotland, plays an integral part in supporting the Scottish Government's vision of marine and coastal environments that are clean, healthy, safe, productive, biologically diverse and are managed to meet the long-term needs of both nature and people.

The purpose of science within Marine Scotland is to:

provide expert scientific, economic and technical advice and services on issues relating to marine and freshwater fisheries, aquaculture, marine renewable energy, and the aquatic environment and its flora and fauna

provide the evidence to support the policies and regulatory activities of the Scottish Government through a programme of monitoring and research

perform regulatory and enforcement activities

represent the Scottish Government at national and international meetings

MSS data is used in national assessments, such as Scotland’s Marine Atlas, Charting Progress 2 and international assessments conducted by inter-governmental organisations such as OSPAR and the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES). The scientists, engineers and socio-economists at MSS also collaborate extensively with academics across the UK, other Government organisations and internationally.

Annual Review (2016-17)

Contact Information
Director / Head: 
Dr Ian Davies, Interim Head of Marine Laboratories
Marine Scotland Science, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Torry, Aberdeen AB11 9DB, SCOTLAND
Switchboard Number: 
+44(0)131 244 2500