Biodiversity and Geodiversity Action Planning


Application of biodiversity and geodiversity action planning by developers provides a high level framework for considerate project planning.

MarineSpace has experience of producing both client-specific and strategic industry focused biodiversity and geodiversity action plans. Such work provides clients with a framework within which they can progress their developments with due consideration for the sensitivities of their sites. Typically, MarineSpace provides services that present a baseline assessment of bio- and geodiversity resources, along with a consideration of how a developer can manage operations to maintain and enhance diversity and report findings as part of CSR and HSE programmes.

MarineSpace is able to provide the following products and services in respect of biodiversity and geodiversity action planning:

Asset audit and reporting
Development of baseline understanding of diversity resources
Authoring of action plans
Periodic review and update of plans
Advice on mitigation and management to maintain and enhance biodiversity and geodiversity resources

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