Marine Survey Design and Management


Properly planned and managed surveys can significantly reduce project costs and facilitate development through acquisition of fit for purpose data that provide practical guidance.

Many of MarineSpace’s staff members have extensive experience of the specification, planning, acquisition management (offshore and onshore) and reporting of marine surveys. Capable of providing definitive advice and guidance in respect of acoustic (sidescan sonar and swathe bathymetry), shallow seismic (boomer), benthic grab and camera and hydrodynamic data acquisition, MarineSpace can assist developers during all phases of survey planning and offshore operations. We are also able to provide offshore representation using associates, to ensure survey specifications are met and best value is obtained from survey operations.

Specifically, MarineSpace is able to provide the following survey planning, acquisition and management services:

Development of survey specifications and agreement with regulators
Survey array planning
Onshore data acquisition management
Provision of offshore survey personnel and client reps
Data QC and survey reporting

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